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Our mission and values

AMU JUUL are experts in training and further education in the field of commercial transport. We provide diplomas and certificates for drivers and hauliers in truck, bus, taxi and van etc. AMU JUUL has branches in Roskilde, Køge and Holbæk.

We have access to vehicle technical facilities with trucks, buses, halls with forklifts, evacuation and fire drills, etc., and every day a lot of happy students/course participants walking around our training sites. We are first and foremost a company that works with people and contributes, through primarily statutory labour market training, to solving a critical social task for the cohesion and transport service industries in Denmark.


Make a difference

AMU JUUL was set up to make a difference, for citizens who want to make a difference in society.

It has always been the school's position to strive for a "common thread" throughout the school. Whether it is the school or the courses we offer, there must be a "red thread", i.e. the same principles must be applied throughout everything we do. The school's extensive experience in driver training means that the concept is professional and well thought-out. The same concept is used in all our training courses and the concept is developed continuously.



Broad professionalism, result-oriented teaching with continuous evaluation, modern technology and mutual communication ensure a high level of quality. We are always up to date and have the latest teaching material available. We have a wide range of teaching programmes and materials to ensure optimal quality and learning.


Through commitment, motivation, loyalty, good service and shared attitudes (consensus), we aim to be trustworthy and meet the expectations of our customers and partners.

We want to be at the forefront of developments in our field at all times. This is ensured by means of further training, courses and continuous technological development.



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The school currently has the following outsourcing agreements: Outsourcing agreements 2022


Target group

The primary target group is unskilled and skilled workers.


To organize and conduct training in conditions that ensure the necessary and individual opportunities for students to successfully complete the training. To provide a high level of information to stakeholders, job centres, enterprises and professional organisations.


  • The school aims to contribute to alleviating the problems of transition and adaptation in the transport sector, in close cooperation with other schools, companies, job centres, professional organisations and other relevant partners.
  • The school wishes to cooperate closely with other training providers on quantity and quality.
  • The School is willing to outsource and subcontract training in accordance with the Ministry's rules in order to meet training needs.
  • The School wishes to contribute to maintaining, developing and improving the skills of its students.
  • The School wishes to provide opportunities for adult citizens to improve both vocational and personal skills.


  • The School aims to market its VET courses in an open and transparent manner.
  • The school aims to work closely on marketing with all relevant parties.
  • Marketing is carried out, inter alia, through:
    • the school's website
    • Brochures
  • Partnerships with job centres, companies and professional organisations.
  • Information meetings at job centres, companies and professional organisations.
  • Advertisements in daily and weekly press



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