Lorry / Truck Driving Licence

Without truck drivers, store shelves would be empty and construction projects would come to a standstill

As a baby, was your very first words "vroom vroom? Or is it just your biggest dream to keep the wheels turning? Then get a truck driving licence!

Truck drivers are a very important part of the community. Without truck drivers, store shelves would be empty and construction projects would come to a standstill.

You can get a truck driving licence category C and a Driver CPC (EU licence) on a 30-day course at AMU JUUL (Issued by the Danish Road Traffic Authority). 

NB: As a Ukrainian citizen under the Danish Special Act, you can get your biometrics features recorded, and can hereafter apply for residence permit and be granted this course for free (if approved by your local Jobcenter). You will also be able to use this certificate when returning to Ukraine.

You will become skilled in truck driving, load securing and the construction of the truck. We will further teach you everything from route planning to basic first aid.

There is a shortage of new truck drivers in Denmark and good chances of getting a job with a truck driving licence in hand.

30 days in the truck at AMU JUUL

Do you like working with your hands? When you take your truck driving licence, you will surely get your hands dirty. During the practical training you will, among other things, test your skills in changing tires and securing loads.

In your driving lessons you will practice driving, reversing and parking the truck. You will start out nice and easy on our test track - which is a closed practice area - before you hit the road. Once you are experienced you will get to test the truck's horsepowers on a slippery road.

You will also learn the theory of truck driving. When our skilled instructors are finished teaching you, you will know all about driving and resting times, energy-efficient driving, first aid and logistics.

When you are ready to finish the course and get your truck driving licence and driver CPC, you will take a theory test, a driving test and an EU qualification test. We are sure that you will pass the tests after 30 days of exciting training at AMU JUUL.


There are only a few requirement to start the course.

  • You have to be 18 years old,
  • have a valid licence for cars (category B),
  • and a valid medical certificate for commercial driving.


When you have passed your tests you will get 3 certificates (Issued by the Danish Road Traffic Authority).

  • Truck driving licence (category C)
  • Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) also known as EU-license.
  • AMU-certificate

Please note! Your age affects in which course you can start. If you are over the age of 21, it will take 30 days to get a truck driving licence. If you are under the age of 21 and wants a truck driving licence, you must attend a special course for young people. This course takes 50 days. You can choose between day and evening classes.

What can I do with a truck driving licence?

The transport industry is doing well! Therefore, you have a good chance of getting a job as a truck driver. With a truck driving licence in your hand, you can get jobs in lots of exciting industries.

You can work as:

  • Freight driver
  • Sanitation driver
  • Tanker driver
  • Mover
  • Cargo driver
  • Self-employed truck driver

... and many more.

To get the cool jobs, it is a good idea to take other relevant courses. Get a driving licence for large trailer CE so you can take on more tasks in your company.

In several industries, it is also good to have important certificates like ADR (dangerous goods) or “The road as a workplace” Please note! These courses will only be in Danish. 

Price for the course:
DKK 4,020* Course fees in addition
  • Test fee (paid to the Danish Road Traffic Authority)

    DKK 1,000

  • EU licence (issued by the Danish Road Traffic Authority)

    DKK 160

  • Interpreter (Translator)

    DKK 2,145

Your employer can apply for a salary allowance (VEU godtgørelse) of up to DKK 911 per day, as well as travel expenses and possible grants from skills funds.
* The price is valid for people living or working in Denmark, who don't have a higher education.
If you receive unemployment benefits, your Jobcenter can pay for the course. Contact us for more information.
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Questions and answers

How much does a truck driver earn?
Statistics Denmark surveyed drivers from all over the country and found that a newly qualified truck driver earns an average of at least DKK 28-33,000 per month.
How old do you have to be to get a truck driving license?
You must be at least 18 years old to get a truck driving license. If you are under the age of 21, you must take a special 50-day course to become a truck driver.
What does it take to drive a truck?
You must be at least 18 years old and have a category B driving licence to start driving a truck. Before you get into the truck for the first time, you must have a medical certificate proving that you do not suffer from poor eyesight, double vision or any disease affecting consciousness.
What language do I need to take a truck driving test?
When you take your driving test, the language of instruction is English.
How long is the driving licence for truck valid?
A truck driving licence is valid for a maximum of 5 years after you have passed the driving test. After 5 years, you must take the mandatory EU refresher course which lasts 5 days.
When do I need the EU certificate?
You need an EU license when you drive a truck for hire within the EU.
Is the truck driving licence difficult?
It is not difficult to get a driving licence. But being a truck driver is an independent job, so there is a lot you need to learn before you hit the road. To get your truck driving licence, you'll therefore need to attend an exciting course of at least 30 days.