Delivery Van – Basic Education

Are you looking for a job away from the office and a job of great importance to Denmark? Then become a delivery van driver.

Would you like a job as a van driver, and do you have less than 2 years of experience in a delivery van? Start with the basic training. You can start working as a driver, after just 3 days of training, and help keep Denmark running.

Once you have taken your course at JUUL, and received a VUB certificate, you can load the car with items up to 3,500 kg in total.

Danes are big online shoppers, so there is a huge demand for delivery van drivers. Already after the basic training, you become an attractive candidate for many companies in the industry.

3 days in a van at JUUL

Do you want to hit the road now? Then get ready to gain a lot of new skills when you go on a van driver course.

It is a physically demanding job, and therefore our skilled trainers will first teach you to secure the load in the van in a safe way, so that both you and the goods arrive safely.

In the classroom, we teach you the theory of driving a van. You will learn about traffic rules, driving time and rest periods, working hours, driving with a trailer, environmentally friendly transport and more.

As a van driver, you will also be completely updated on the latest first aid advice.

When you are ready to drive the van, you must take a written test with 20 multiple-answer questions. Please note that the test is in Danish. If you cannot read and understand Danish, you must bring an interpreter with you to the test. We do not provide interpreters.


There is only one rule if you want to drive a van:

  • You must have a valid driving licence for a car, category B.


Once you have completed the basic training for vans, you will receive an

  • AMU certificate
  • and a delivery van driver's license, also called a VUB-certificate

What can you do as a van driver?

The job as a van driver is for people who enjoy driving while singing out loud to the latest tunes from the car stereo. But also for people who enjoy physical work. As a van driver, you typically drive for a distribution company, with everything from parcel mail to meal boxes. The industry always needs new drivers, so there are really good chances of getting a job after the basic education at JUUL.

Do you want to be your own boss? Then you can also obtain your own van permit and become a self-employed driver.

Price for the course:
DKK 1,044*
Your employer can apply for a salary allowance (VEU godtgørelse) of up to DKK 940 per day, as well as travel expenses and possible grants from skills funds.
* The price is valid for people living or working in Denmark, who don't have a higher education.
If you receive unemployment benefits, your Jobcenter can pay for the course. Contact us for more information.
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