Large Trailer C/E Driving Licence

With a large trailer card C/E you get more job opportunities

Do you want to be first in line for the good jobs at the freight companies? Invest in your career as a driver and take a large trailer C/E licence. As a truck driver, you will often have to drive with several sets of trailers.

You can take the large trailer licence C/E in 20 days at AMU JUUL (Issued by the Danish Road Traffic Authority).

NB: As a Ukrainian citizen under the Danish Special Act, you can get your biometrics features recorded, and can hereafter apply for residence permit and be granted this course for free (if approved by your local Jobcenter). You will also be able to use this certificate when returning to Ukraine.

After the course, you will know everything about driving with trucks, coupling trucks and trailers, and how to load goods in a correct and safe way.


  • You must have a truck driving licence, category C


Once you have passed your tests, you will receive

  • the AMU certificate
  • and a driving license for trucks category C/E. (Issued by the Danish Road Traffic Authority)

20 days on a large trailer course 

Are you ready to hit on the road with a large trailer licence? Join our trucking course and get well equipped for your future as a truck driver. In 20 days, our skilled teachers will teach you these topics:

  • Driving with truck and trailer. You will be especially good at backing around corners.
  • Maintenance of truck and trailer
  • Proper loading and securing of goods
  • Route planning and driving and resting time

    … and much more.

When you have finished the course you will need to take a theory test and a driving test. You will definitely pass the tests after these 20 days of exciting teaching at AMU JUUL.


Price for the course:
DKK 2,680* Course fees in addition
  • Test fee (paid to the Danish Road Traffic Authority)

    DKK 1,000

  • Interpreter (Translator)

    DKK 2,145

Your employer can apply for a salary allowance (VEU godtgørelse) of up to DKK 911 per day, as well as travel expenses and possible grants from skills funds.
* The price is valid for people living or working in Denmark, who don't have a higher education.
If you receive unemployment benefits, your Jobcenter can pay for the course. Contact us for more information.
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