Forklift Certificate Course B

Do you want to keep order in the warehouse? Or are you looking for a fast track to your next job? Then sign up for our forklift certificate training. As a certified forklift operator, you will be wanted in the job market.


In our 7-day AMU course, we teach you how to drive and operate different types of forklifts with different construction and equipment. You will also learn how to maintain a high level of safety when you transport goods on ramps, shelves, narrow spaces and warehouses.

7 days of forklift training at AMU JUUL

Are you looking to be a forklift driver? Then you can get your new forklift certificate in just 7 days.

In this course you get plenty of time to test your skills with the small forklift. In the practical exercises, we first teach you how to drive and operate forklifts, and then you become an expert in making proper stowage, pick-up and put-down of different types of goods. In our practice area we have many different barrels, pallets and water tanks that you will be moving around, both outside and inside our large warehouse.

Part of the forklift training is learning about safety. This will take place in the classroom, where you will learn how to read loading diagrams and learn about the risks when working with the machines. For safety, you will also receive simple first aid and firefighting training, so you are completely ready to operate a forklift at your new job.

NB: As a Ukrainian citizen under the Danish Special Act, you can get your biometrics features recorded, and can hereafter apply for residence permit and be granted this course for free (if approved by your local Jobcenter). You will also be able to use this certificate when returning to Ukraine.

When you have completed the course you need to take a final test to get your forklift certificate B. We prepare you for the tests during the 7 days of forklift training at AMU JUUL.


There are only a few rules for starting the course.

  • You must be 18 years old and have either a valid driving licence or a satisfactory medical certificate
  • and you must bring safety shoes


Once you have been on this exciting 7-day course and have passed the test, you will receive the

  • AMU course certificate

What can I do with a forklift certificate?

If you get a forklift certificate B, you will face a lot of exciting job opportunities in the transport and logistics industry among others. There are many companies that are looking for new employees who can operate a forklift.

With a forklift certificate, you become an attractive employee at:

  • warehouses
  • harbours
  • airports
  • construction sites

Several freight haulers also require that their drivers can operate a forklift.

Price for the course:
DKK 1,456*
Your employer can apply for a salary allowance (VEU godtgørelse) of up to DKK 940 per day, as well as travel expenses and possible grants from skills funds.
* The price is valid for people living or working in Denmark, who don't have a higher education.
If you receive unemployment benefits, your Jobcenter can pay for the course. Contact us for more information.
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    Gaffeltruck certifikatkursus B, 7 dage - English

Questions and answers

What is a forklift certificate?
A forklift certificate documents that by completing an AMU course, you have learned to operate forklifts and stackers and can carry out daily maintenance. Once you have obtained forklift certificate B, you may operate different types of forklifts, both electric, gas and diesel powered. Forklifts are also commonly referred to as pickers, counterbalance forklifts and reach trucks. With the certificate, you have also learned all about pallet trucks, manual and electric.
Where can you get a truck certificate?
You can get the forklift certificate B at AMU JUUL in Roskilde. The course takes 7 days. We offer the course as a day or evening class, both in Danish and English. You can also read the theory from our AMU course as distance learning.
What does a truck certificate cost?
A truck certificate costs DKK 882 if you are employed. If you are unemployed, you can have your job centre or unemployment insurance fund pay the course for you. For the price, you get a 7-day exciting AMU course, and a certificate for forklift B.
What does it take to get a forklift certificate?
It does not take much to get a forklift certificate. You just have to attend a short AMU course of 7 days. Before starting, you must be 18 years of age and present a valid driving licence for a car. If you have not yet obtained your driving licence, you can just show us a satisfactory medical certificate. Not all companies expect you to have a car licence to operate a forklift.
How long does it take to get a forklift certificate?
It does not take long to get a forklift certificate. You just have to go through 7 days of training. You can take the course both in the evening and during the day. If you are tired of classrooms, you can also choose to read the theory of forklifts online, and only show up at our school when you need to practice driving.
When does a forklift certificate expire?
A forklift certificate never expires. Once you have learned to handle a forklift you can use it the rest of your life. It only takes 7 days to take a certificate for forklift B, and there are no rules that the certificate must be renewed like other driving licences.